Entertainment Schedule

Wild About Monkeys

Are you ready for some serious monkey business? Combining the rare skills of excellent trainers and the incredible instincts of the wild as well as domestic animals with which they have become friends, "Wild About Monkeys" will delight and amaze the entire family! The only traveling animal exhibition that features trained baboons, this show is not only educational, but will leave you both amazed and laughing! When a movie producer needs a performing baboon, chances are they will call Kevin and Martina Keith, the hosts of "Wild about Monkeys". Training Baboons is their specialty. They believe baboons to be, by far the most socially intelligent primate.

Circus Imagination

Circus Imagination takes 10 to 35 children from the audience, dresses them up in costumes and turns them into instant circus performers. Old-fashioned fun rekindles educational play in the minds of children. Circus Imagination requires no skill or talent and the experience leaves children with a strong sense of imagination, resourcefulness and creativity. From Tina the Tightrope Walker who climbs a make-believe ladder 100 feet in the air, to Zazel the human cannon, the audience is captured in spellbound amazement. Circus Imagination takes pride in encouraging kids to play outside and be active.

Nevada Gunfighters

The Nevada Gunfighters Wild West Theatrical Group is a Federal 501(c)3, and a Nevada non-profit group dedicated to the preservation of the Old West circa 1860 - 1890’s. The Wild West!
"We perform at events in Northern Nevada and California. Our show includes the town set of Rimfire, Nevada inhabited by our team of Old West outlaws, lawmen, saloon girls and town folk! Our focus is gun safety, old time entertainment and fun that's always in fashion!"

Speedworld Raceway

Susan Rosen, Hypnotist

A show designed to introduce the novice to the world of hypnosis in a funny non-threatening way: by ignoring your neurosis and playing with your sense of humor. Susan presents hypnosis in a lighthearted manner that's fun for young and old alike and keeps them coming back for more. The volunteers are the stars. She puts their conscious mind to sleep and then plays with the subconscious. Total audience participation. Rosen's hour-long show brings audiences to their knees in bellowing laughter and back to their feet in feverish applause!

Jeremy the Juggler

Jeremy the Juggler's roving entertainment includes a combination of juggling, unicycling, stilt walking, performance origami, and balloon twisting. Jeremy roams about the grounds performing impromptu acts throughout the fair. Be sure to keep an eye out for him…although with a chest-mounted microphone/loud speaker and riding a unicycle, he'll be hard to miss!

Flo the Clown

Linda is one of the finest, funniest female clowns in America. She has spread her clowning antics for more than 20 years. As a children/family entertainer she brings smiles to everyone she meets and greets. She has that lovable charm that makes every child -- young or young at heart -- feel special and treats them all with care and attention!

Skip Banks the Giant Balloon Man

Skip Banks, widely known as The Balloon Man, refers to himself as "A New Vaudevillian". Performing to a mix of classic songs and sound effects, crazy situations, with colorful props, and all combined with visual comedy - this is one Specialty act with a capital "S" that you will never see performed by anyone else. Banks keeps up with celebrity news and current events so he can add characters to his balloon-bending show.

Steven Rosen Balloon Artist

Entertainment with a twist! Enjoy Steven the "balloon guy" as he cracks jokes, acts silly and crafts balloon art. Some of his creations are so intricate and life like that you'll want to keep them forever!


Journey Unauthorized

JOURNEY UNAUTHORIZED is comprised of the best musicians and performers specializing in a complete Journey concert production. These musicians love what they do and work hard at being the very best at it. JOURNEY UNAUTHORIZED can perform the full range of Journey onstage, including the most complex and challenging songs that Journey themselves recorded in the studios and performed for live audiences. No other rendition of Journey's music comes close to this level of performance, which has taken years of mastery and unmatched attention to detail. The JOURNEY UNAUTHORIZED production captures it all flawlessly.

Garratt Wilkin & The Parrotheads

Beaches, boats, bars and tropical drinks with those colorful little umbrellas. This is what you think of while listening to "Garratt Wilkin & the Parrotheads" performing "A celebration of Jimmy Buffett music."

"Garratt Wilkin & the Parrotheads" are experiencing an expanding popularity while headlining fairs and festivals in not only his own hometown of Placerville, California, but throughout all of the Western United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and as far away as Florida, Texas, Vermont, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Nashville, Tennessee. Garratt and his band have been billed as the #1 Jimmy Buffett tribute band. Garratt says, "Traveling with 'The Parrotheads' is a great way to meet Jimmy Buffett fans and to make new 'Parrothead' friends. We get such a kick out of performing for fans that become just as much a part of the show as we are."

The 60's Summer of Love

We all remember the sixties…

A time of conflict and of coming of age. A time of youth and of love, of peace and of innocence, and of the wild and wonderful music that set the background for our lives and for the generations who followed.

The amazing vocals of the early California Beach Boys made us all dream of warm sand, fast cars and hitting the surf. Then there was the British invasion that began with the Beatles in early 1964 with “I want to hold your hand” had us all growing our hair and rushing out to by miniskirts and go-go boots as many other English groups continued to rock the music scene.

The hippies of San Francisco Haight-Ashbury days spoke to the world of peace, happiness, flowers free love while thousands of similar free spirits on the East Coast gathered together in a little town they called Woodstock. The Motown sound rocked Detroit and Music was indeed the king that united a nation. There has never been any question that music was at it’s best from 1963 to 1969.

The music of the 60's holds a special memory for those who grew up with it. It was music you could sing along with, music you could dance to, music you fell in love with. Now, one group brings all the memorable music from the 60’s together for you in one great show!

The Random Strangers

They may call themselves The Random Strangers, but musicians Larry Park, Suzanne Todd and Dave Wren are both bandmates and longtime friends. The Placerville-based performers, many of whom have been professional musicians for decades, are recognized throughout the foothill region for their eclectic sound, which fuses elements of country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, classic rock. George Spriggs and Johnny DuVall are the newest additions to The Random Strangers sharing their gifts and musical talents.

Halie O’Ryan Band

This three-piece acoustic band plays everybody's favorite classic rock covers. Halie O'Ryan is not only a talented songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and percussionist, but she is one who gives back - sharing her verve for music as a USO Tour Artist, having performed over 615 shows overseas and produced or provided entertainment for concerts for over a hundred fundraisers for worthy causes. This gal has a big voice and a heart to match!


Pacific Challenge Late Model Race
Saturday, June 25, 2016
6:00 PM