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About the Miss Placer County Pageant

The Miss Placer County Pageant has been an integral part of the Placer County Fair and the Placer County community since the 1930's.  The pageant was first held in 1937 with Marcella Walker taking the title.  At that time, the queen was chosen on her ability to promote the fair by selling tickets!  The pageant has been interrupted only a few times over the years, including brief interruptions the 70's, the 50, and during the war years.  In 2000, there was not a Miss Placer County pageant held due to a gap in directors.  There have been many different directors and pageant production companies producing the pageant over the years, and many more assistants, all volunteering their time, talent, and treasure for the benefit of the girls and the fair.

UP Pageantry was selected to produce the Miss Placer County Pageant for 2018. 

UP Pageantry and the Miss Placer County Pageant will award valuable prizes like scholarships, personal trainer sessions, entry fee into a state pageant competition, and more!  But beyond tangible prizes, all competitors will gain experiences and life skills that will be critical to their future successes in life, family, education, and the workplace.  The right pageant competition exposes contestants to self-reflection, personal growth, organizational skills, camaraderie, fun, poise, public speaking, confidence, and societal awareness, among other advantages. 

About UP Pageantry

Up Pageantry was founded with the vision of promoting the personal and professional growth of young women through pageantry.  Up Pageantry's mission is "To provide positive experiences and personal growth for young women through the opportunities that pageantry can provide, and to educate, enrich, and motivate young women to attain their goals". The Vision of UP: That through pageantry, young women experience a camaraderie built on the common interests of enhancing interpersonal skills, increasing confidence, heightening societal awareness, and aspiring to excellence, while inspiring others through their example.

UP Pageantry offers many opportunities for personal development. We focus on the whole pageant experience for the contestant, not just preparation for the event.  This means cultivating leadership and other skills for the long run.  Among other things, UP will provide resume assistance and interview coaching to put contestants at ease when faced with the anxiety-producing personal interview and on-stage question. We also offer other commitments to contestants that set us apart from many other pageant providers.  Please see the "Commitment/Expectations" page on their website at

The founder and C.E.O. of UP Pageantry is Tami Uhler.  She has been a Placer County resident for almost forty (40) years, and graduated from Franklin Elementary School in Loomis, and Del Oro High School.  A graduate of U.S.C., she is also a skilled trial attorney. She is currently the Assistant Director of Placer County Child Support Services, and a former Placer County Deputy District Attorney, with substantial trial experience. 

Tami has extensive experience in pageantry, having been involved in pageants for over 30 years, holding multiple titles, and having competed in categories from pre-teen, to Miss, and Mrs. She also has experience in all aspects of the industry, serving as hostess, emcee, judge, director, choreographer, and mom to a queen as well.  Her involvement with the Miss Placer County dates back to the late 1970's when her sister first competed for the title. Tami followed in the footsteps of her sister, competing in the late 1980's.  She was also a volunteer with the Miss Placer County Pageants from 2001-2013, acting in many different capacities, including hostess, choreographer, Assistant Director, and Director, until 2013.


Why Promote Pageantry?


According to Tami:


Pageant competition helped shape me as a person.  It also prepared me for a career as a prosecutor.  I have often told people that "If I can walk on stage in a swimsuit in front of 1000 people in the audience, I can certainly be comfortable presenting an argument to a jury of twelve!"


I am a firm believer in the value that pageant competition can offer, under the right conditions, such as integrity, respect, honesty, fairness, fun, and hard work.  I have chosen what I believe to be the best experiences and opportunities, pieces from all of my years of involvement in many different pageants, and put them together in one pageant, in order to provide a meaningful, exciting, and educational experience for every girl involved.  I will focus on a single event, not juggle several pageants throughout a year.


UP Pageantry was established for the purpose of developing young women with a passion for excellence, a drive for success, and a desire for personal development. My hope is that we reach young ladies who possess the desire to have fun, learn about themselves, make new friends, gain poise and self-confidence, connect with their community, expand their knowledge, and increase their marketability in the workforce of the adult world.  UP seeks to shape leaders.  Some of the lessons learned and skills acquired through the pageant experience can last a lifetime. UP will create that opportunity for every girl and their families, who trust us with their time, talent, and treasure. 


Miss Placer County Queens

2017-Emily Demure
2016-Alora Martin
2015-Virgie Velazquez
2014-Sarah Sims
2013-Lauren Lagge
2012-Sydney Lorek
2011-Shawna Bruce
2010-Rachel Hunt
2009-Meghan Zygalinski
2008-Kristi Farrington
2007-Ashley Gibian
2006-Kirsten Bowers
2005-Jessica Meyer
2004-Ashley Dawn Smith
2003-Cassandra Caron
2002-Tiffany McCollum
2001-Jacquline Aguilar
2000-no pageant held
1999-Jennifer Beggerly
1998-Angela Race
1997- Kathryn Estes
1996- Holly Bowling
1995-Angela Cabral
1994- Meredith Meadows
1993- Tiffany McDonald
1992- Kelly Ruark
1991- Andrea Jenkins
1990- Tracy Heschong
1989- Shannon Haws
1988- Laurie Winter
1987- Kristine Nickerson
1986- Mindy Hobart
1985- Michelle Harrison
1984- Denise Bousquet
1983- Gail Fitzpatrick
1982- Debbie Simmons
1981- Nancy Caldwell
1980- Jacqueline Rowe
1979- Martha Rugan
1978- Sharon Smith
1977- Christie Gudath Gade
1976- Wendy Wright
1975- Diane Cheney
1974- Linda Newman
1973- Deborah Arbaugh
1972- Anna Lee Wright
1971- Jane Duff
1970 - Tiny Blaylock
1969 - Pamela Lee Dawson
1968 - Diana Johnson
1967- Jean Simpson
1966- Judy Persinger
1965- Cathi Kennedy
1963- Susanne Tropper
1962- Sherry Martin
1961- Terry Sanborn
1960- Beverly Gunkie
1959- Kathy Good
1958- Iris Sims
1957- Vickie Seifullin
1958- Susan Inglett
1955- Trudy Caddell
1954- Joanne Menchinella
1951 - Barbara Erickson Lutz
1950 - Doris Tripp Thomas
1949 - Betty Garino
1948 - Melba Osella
1947 - Ruth Evans
1941 - Roberta Botts
1939 - Alvena Preisser
1937 and 1938 - Marcella Walker