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Lucas Pusterla.png

     Meet 13-year-old Lucas Pusterla with the Miner’s Ravine 4-H Sheep, a group he has been with the last five years.

Lucas’ family breeds Katahdin Hair sheep, and has learned so much by caring for them. For the third year in a row, Lucas will be raising a market lamb. Through this, Lucas said he has gained experience in the sheep’s management, breeding, feeding, lambing, and treatment of various diseases.

     “This year has been a real challenge with COVID-19 and the cancellation of the Placer County Fair,” Lucas said. “While I will not be able to show my market lamb in showmanship or market classes, I have diligently trained and practiced with my lamb, Norman.”

     Lucas added that Norman has been the most cooperative lamb he has ever trained. From his perspective, Lucas has focused on raising Norman with the best possible care, attention and to give him a great quality of life.

Lia Pusterla.png

     Meet 11-year-old Lia Pusterla, who has grown up on a small farm in Penryn and have been raising chickens since she can remember.

     Lia’s first experience with chickens was helping her brother and dad build a chicken coop and taking care of our first crop of chicks. Over the past few years, Lia said she has fallen in love with exotic poultry, and finally convinced her parents to raise a French Pearl guinea fowl.

     “What I learned from this experience is that although guinea fowl are very pretty birds, they are quite noisy,” Lia said. “…My two guinea hens, named Squeak and Squawk, are fun birds with great personalities. They are used to people and have been trained to lay their eggs in the chicken coop. I take care of them daily, making sure that they have plenty of food and water, and I am also responsible for locking them in the chicken coop at night.”

     This year, Lia will be selling 12 speckled guinea hen eggs, which she has matched for consistent color and pattern. The most important part of raising and taking care of her guinea fowl, Lia said, is to provide the ladies with the best possible care and attention and to give them a great quality of life.

Jerica Jay.png

     Meet 15-year-old Jerica Jay, who is a junior at Colfax High School. This will be Jerica’s fifth year in 4-H!

     When she is not on the farm, Jerica likes to play soccer and the flute. This year, her pig is named Zorro, who will be weighing approximately 280 pounds.

Mark Hamblin.png

     Meet 14-year-old Mark Hamblin, who is a Sophomore at Colfax High School.

     This will be Mark’s second year participating in 4-H and the first year he will be raising a swine. When he is not on the farm, Mark plays football, wrestles, and sings in the Chamber Choir for Colfax High School.

     His pig, Thor, will be weighing in at approximately 260 pounds.

Dallas Hamblin.png

     Meet 11-year-old Dallas Hamblin, who is a sixth grader at Colfax Elementary School.

     This will be Dallas’s his second year participating in 4-H and the first year raising swine. When he is not on the farm, Dallas loves to play sports and chase lizards.

     Dallas’s pig, Pistachio, will be weighing in at approximately 255 pounds.

AShley Moss.png

     Meet 16-year-old Ashley Moss of the Lincoln FFA chapter. This will be Ashley’s first year participating in the auction and will sell a Rabbit Meat Pen.

     Ashley started her own Rabbitry business called Future Farmer's Rabbitry and has been selected as Jr Rabbit Species Leader for her chapter. The money she earns from the project will be going towards building a Small Animal Barn at the Lincoln High School Farm.

     After high school, Ashley intends to go to Sierra College to earn a Sustainable Agriculture Business Degree/Entrepreneurship.

Ryan Drinkwater.png

     Meet 14-year-old Ryan Drinkwater, who will be a freshman at Del Oro High School this fall.

     Ryan shows market hogs and is a member of Miners Ravine 4-H. When not working with his animals, Ryan enjoys playing football, basketball, volleyball, riding quads, and participating in his church youth group.

     When Ryan grows up, he wants to be a pilot in the U.S. military.

Austin Drinkwater.png

     Meet 12-year-old Austin Drinkwater, who will be gearing up to enter the seventh grade in the fall.

     Austin is participating in his second year with the Miners Ravine 4-H club and will be selling a swine project.

     In addition to working with his market project, Austin enjoys playing basketball, participating in parkour classes, being in plays through TNT, riding quads, and participating in his church youth group.

Walter Wiswell.png

     Meet Walter Wiswell, who is currently in his seventh year of the Thermalands 4-H Club.

     For the third year in a row, Walter will be selling a sheep project. Walter actually lives on a sheep ranch with his family and works with sheep all year. 

     Walter plans to join FFA when he enters high school and will continue ranching when he finishes college.

Maddie Wiswell.png

     Meet Maddie Wiswell, who is a member of both the Lincoln FFA Chapter and Placer County 4H.

     Maddie has been raising lambs for six years and has learned valuable life skills that will carry through to her future, she said. Maddie’s hope is to follow her love of agriculture in college and continue into a career that supports a passion for S.T.E.M. learning.

Brayden Lomas.png

     Meet 11-year-old Brayden Lomas with the Mt. Pleasant 4-H.

     As a fifth grader at Carlin C. Coppin Elementary, Brayden just finished the year on the honor roll. With his steer, Gus, Brayden truly hopes for the support of his buyers to complete an already accomplished academic year!

Logan Lomas.png

     Meet Logan Lomas and his steer, Ranger.

     This is not Logan’s first time around with the Junior Livestock Auction. In fact, this will be Logan’s sixth year selling a steer at auction.

     Most important to Logan is for the community to support 4-H and FFA kids and all their hard work.

Zachary Soren.png

     Meet 16-year-old Zachary Soren, who is a member of the Del Oro High School FFA .

     After high school, Zachary’s goal is to be a train engineer. Since he was nine years old, Zachary has been raising, showing and breeding pigs and has come to love every aspect of the work. One of the most rewarding experiences has been going to the fair with his friends and community.

     And while Zachary will not have an opportunity to sell in the traditional manner, he said he is grateful for the opportunity to sell his pig in the online auction.

Sammy Soren.png

     Meet 14-year-old Sammy Soren, who will be attending Del Oro High School in the fall.

     In addition to his love for soccer, Sammy is active in theater and will be the lead in the Dr. Dolittle play this July.

Sammy has been raising and showing pigs since he was nine years old. He is very excited to be able to be part of the        Online Auction supporting all the competitors who would have taken part in the traditional auction. 

Tyler Ross.png

     Meet 9-year-old Tyler Ross, who attends Placer Elementary.

     In school, Tyler’s favorite subjects are science and reading. Outside of school, Tyler enjoys playing soccer, baseball and enjoys spending time with my family.

     This is Tyler’s first year in 4-H and raising a swine project. When he gets older, Tyler hopes to be an author and illustrator!

Mason Bradburn.png

     Meet 14-year-old Mason Bradburn, who will be a freshman at Del Oro High School.

     Mason is in the Ophir 4-H Swine organization. His pig’s name is Zoe, a Hampshire Cross gilt, which will be the fifth market hog he has raised. Outside the farm, Mason’s hobbies include His hobbies swimming, hiking and volleyball.

Taylor Bradburn.png

     Meet 16-year-old Taylor Bradburn, who will be a junior at Del Oro High School.  This will be Taylor’s second year in FFA and will be selling a pig named Bucko, a Hampshire cross barrow.

     This will be Taylor’s seventh market he has raised for the Placer County Fair!!! Outside the farm, Taylor enjoys playing football for the Golden Eagles, hunting, and fishing.

Aydan Dickinson.png

     Meet 14-year-old Aydan Dickinson, who will be a freshman at University Prep High School. This is Aydan’s second year in the Loomis Community 4-H Club and first year as Club Recreation Leader.

     This is Aydan’s second year raising both show rabbits and market rabbits with his brother. Last year, Aydan won the Grand Champion Fryer! When not on the farm, Aydan enjoys trap shooting, soccer, marching band and working in our family’s urban farm. 

Myah Davidson.png

      Meet 15-year-old Placer County 4-H member, Myah Davidson, and her pig Chief.

      Myah has been actively participating in the 4-H program for eight years now and is currently a Placer County Ambassador.

     4-H has helped her to find her passion of raising animals and teaching other 4-H youth about both leadership and swine. She has her own breeding program and raises animals year-round. Myah plans to attend a college that will support her love of animals and agriculture to the fullest extent.

Frankie Sharif.png

     Meet Frankie Sharif, a self-described country boy at heart who has strived against his suburban birth to build a future in agriculture.

     Frankie’s passion for all things ag began at age 2 with his cowboy Halloween costume! Since then, Frankie’s ag passion led to four years in Miners Ravine 4-H and one year in the Lincoln High School FFA program.

     Ever the country boy, Frankie’s lamb is named Hank Williams Jr.

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