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Rib Cook-Off FAQ

What is a three-sided netting look like?
They run $65.00 and up online. 
What constitutes a hand washing station?
There are five basic things needed for a handwashing station:


  1. A clean, enclosed container that holds drinkable water. It could be a drinking water container with a spout.

  2. Liquid or bar hand soap.

  3. A greywater container to catch the water used to wash hands. Typically just a 5-gallon bucket.

  4. Single-use paper or cloth towels.

  5. A separate container for trash (if paper towels are used).

What standards are being used to judge the ribs?

We have a certified Kansas City BBQ Society Judge on site. The KCBS standards will be used.

Can I cook more than 30 racks of ribs?

While 30 racks of ribs will be provided by @the Grounds, you can cook more than 30 racks. No other style of ribs or type of meat is allowed. 

Can I cook a side dish to add to my ribs?

No. No selling is allowed at your tables.
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