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Scavenger Hunt

Join the hunt and win prizes!

How To Play:

  1. Visit each of the 15 checkpoints around the Fair using the location hints provided. You can complete the checkpoints in any order, just try to find them all!

  2. Be sure to look for the Scavenger Hunt logo.

  3. When you find the checkpoint, record the codeword on the scavenger hunt form. 

  4. Once you find all of the checkpoints, please submit the form to us for the chance to win some great prizes!

You can find the scavenger hunt form on this page or printouts are available at the Information Booth at the Fair. Submit completed forms by turning them in at the information booth or using the form below. 


You Could Win One of the Following Prizes!

Winners will be notified via email the week after the fair. Thanks for playing!

Copy of PCF 2023 POST TEMPLATE (2).png

Post Your Fair Pictures!

Use #placercofair on your Facebook or Instagram posts and we might feature them on our page!


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