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The main hub for information and upcoming details about the Livestock auction and the 2024 Fair. 

Livestock Information

Entries due May 16th at 11:59 PM

All entries must be online

Required Documents:

YQCA - All Livestock Exhibitors, ages 9 & older are required to participate in the YQCA program.  YQCA certificates need to be uploaded onto your ShoWorks account or emailed to

For more information on the YQCA online program, please visit This link works best in Google Chrome.

Bill of Sale - Can be submitted with your entries or to

Still Exhibit Entry – All Livestock Exhibitors must enter at least one still exhibit entry. Please review the Still Exhibit Handbook for classes, deadlines, and drop-off dates. If an entry is not made, the exhibitor will forfeit their right to participate in the Placer County Fair Junior Livestock Show and Auctions.

Independent Record Book, Declaration & Insurance – Independent Exhibitors must complete the following items. For assistance completing these forms please contact

Leader/Advisor Approval – All Exhibitors will need to be approved to show by their leader or advisor. This can be emailed to the Fair Office by the leader or advisor to Independent Exhibitors will receive approval by submitting their Independent Record Book.

Transportation Slip - Beef Exhibitors must bring a completed transportation slip to weigh ins. The Brand Inspector will be conducting the brand inspection at this time. Please see the links below to access a transportation slip.

Adult Code of Conduct – All Exhibitors’ Parents/Guardians are expected to complete and submit a Code of Conduct. This can be submitted to

“Meet the Exhibitor” Marketing - Submit a photo or video and project description to This information will be used to promote the fair and junior livestock auction.

New 2024! Educational Unit – Agriculture Experience

This year, all the Livestock Shows will be adjusted to start on Wednesday, June 19th. As a result of not having livestock shows during the Fair hours, we are asking the 4-H, FFA, and independent youth to provide an AGRICULTURAL EXPERIENCE component to help fairgoers understand “why” agriculture is so crucial to our everyday lives. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote the 4-H, FFA, and independent programs and show the values and education that each of you gain by being part of such an amazing program.

Livestock Shows

Experience the best in livestock shows at Placer County Fair, where a variety of species including pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry are showcased. Our knowledgeable judges evaluate each animal based on breed standards, ensuring exceptional traits.


Don't miss this thrilling competition and educational opportunity for junior exhibitors in livestock marketing. Check the schedule of shows and locations below and join us to witness the dedication of 4-H, FFA, and independent members presenting their hard work and projects to the market.


Livestock Schedule


Monday, June 17th

8 AM – Barn charts posted & Barns available for tack (no livestock)


Tuesday, June 18th

6 AM – Barns open for livestock (except poultry)

8 AM – Poultry Inspection

10 AM – All livestock must be in place

4 PM to 6 PM – Market, Replacement & Feeder Animal Weigh-In (Species order is TBD)

7 PM – Mandatory Exhibitor Meeting – Ring 1

9 PM – Small Animal Barn Closes


Wednesday, June 19th

6 AM – Barns open for exhibitors

8 AM – Swine Show (excluding Showmanship) – Ring 2

8 AM – Rabbit & Cavy Show – Small Animal Barn

2 PM – Pygmy Goat Show – Ring 1

6 PM – Dog Show – Ring 1

7 PM – Swine Showmanship – Ring 2

9 PM – Small Animal Barn Closes


Thursday, June 20th

6 AM – Barns open for exhibitors

8 AM – Poultry Show – Small Animal Barn

8 AM – Beef Show – Ring 1

Following Beef Show – Sheep Show – Ring 1

Following Sheep Show – Meat Goat Show – Ring 1

2 PM – Market Eggs Show – Small Animal Barn

5 PM – Pygmy Goat Obstacle & Costume Contests – Ring 1

6 PM – Dairy Goat Show – Ring 2

9 PM – Small Animal Barn Closes


Friday, June 21st

6 AM – Barns open for exhibitors

10 AM – Futurity Shows – Ring 1 & 2

4 PM – Round Robin – Ring 1 & Small Animal Barn

5 PM – Small Animal Family Shows – Ring 1 & Small Animal Barn

9 PM – Small Animal Barn Closes


Saturday, June 22nd

6 AM – Barns open for exhibitors

8 AM – Buyer Registration Opens – Ring 1

10 AM – Auction Opening Ceremonies – Ring 1

12 PM – Sale of Champions – Ring 1

5 PM – Pig Calling Contest – Ring 2

6 PM – Hay Bucking Contest – Ring 1

7 PM – Barn Dance – Ring 1


Sunday, June 23rd

6 AM – Barns open for exhibitors

9 PM – Small Animal Barn Closes

7 AM - Option 1 for Animal Release -All Vehicles must be off the grounds by 9 AM

9 AM – Master Showmanship – Ring 1 & 2

11:30 AM – Large Animal Family Shows – Ring 1 & 2

4 PM – Awards Ceremony – Ring 1

5 PM - Option 2 for Animal Release - No trailers allowed on the grounds. Hand-walked tack and animals only.

9 PM – Small Animal Barn Closes


Monday, June 24th

8 AM - Option 3 for Animal Release - A Vehicles, animals, and tack off the grounds by 9 AM

Livestock Auction

Saturday, June 22, 2024

The 2024 Placer County Fair Livestock Auction will be in-person!


The Junior Livestock Auction is a culmination of a year's activity for Placer County's 4-H, FFA, and Independent Exhibitors.


Young exhibitors present their animal projects to the judge at the Placer County Fair where they receive monetary value for their products and public recognition for their efforts.



Meet the Exhibitors

Meet The Exhibitors

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